Training & Preparation

The King Valley Challenge is a tough race for all, however with the right training and preparations you will be sure to enjoy your day out. 

Running Training

The 15km run takes around one hour for the fastest men, so you can expect to work hard for over an hour.

Ideally you would get 3 runs in a week training for at least 2 months. We suggest this comprises some form of speed session, a longer effort/tempo run and a long run of over one hour. Given the course is on rugged 4WD undulating track, you should include some hill training and some off road running. If you're really serious you could practice running through creeks and hence wet shoes, or you can save this fun for the day.

If you are in Melbourne you should try come along to the Vigor running group. Many of the runners in this group will be aiming for this race.

If you are training solo we encourage you to find a local run group or at least a friend to do some runs with. It's a lot easier doing speed work with someone and a lot safer going off road with someone.

Kayaking Training

The 12km kayak is relatively flat (wind dependant) and fast, with the fastest paddlers cracking the hour.

It would be good to get 3 sessions in a week, but if you can't get to the water that often you could supplement your training with some strength and flexibility work. You definitely want to get some speed work and a longer paddle over an hour so you're ready for 12kms on race day.

If you are in Melbourne you could try the Vigor kayaking group on the Yarra. If not definitely try hook up with others for fun and safety.

Cycling Training

A 39km road cycle would generally see the fastest splits crack the hour, throw a 10km climb in and it's a different story.

Again you want to get 2-3 training sessions in a week with some speed work, hill work and longer rides. The hill climb will make or break you, don't let it be the later.

If you are in Melbourne you could try the Vigor cycling group, we regularly ride the Yarra Boulervard and hills out to King Lake. Cycling has strong clubs and participation in the country so if you're a local get invloved with the local scene.


Of course people have completed the King Valley Challenge with minimal training, it's up to you how well you prepare. But don't complain if we leave the finish line at 4:30pm to go to the pub while you're still slogging it out, you can't blame us...


Creek crossing can be hard to train for

Regular kayak training means you might catch the person in front of you


Definitely train for a hill climb