Equipment & Safety

The King Valley Challenge takes place in the Victorian Alps, this means the terrain can be tough going and the weather can change quickly. In the 2010 inaugural event we started in light rain and were lucky to have sunshine by the end of the day. It's important to have the right gear for the job, here's a guide for those unsure of their equipment requirements.

Run Leg

The 4WD track is largely hard packed with some rocky sections, it also has 4 creek crossings in total and if it's wet the mud can get slippery. We suggest good quality socks, cotton gets too heavy so best to go for thin, tight fitting elastic style socks to avoid blisters. Running shoes want to have some grip, relatively firm sole and drain well, trail running shoes are improving so these may be an option over your normal running shoes.

Comfortable running shorts and top that won't get too heavy, cause chaffing or make you cold if you're wet. Bring multiple tops and decide late as it could be 10 degrees or 25 degrees in late October.

Although not compulsory, you should consider carrying water, there will be none on course (besides some creeks). The fastest runners won't need it as it's only 1 hour, but those towards the back will definitely need a water running belt or camel back.

Kayak Leg

The lake is relatively flat, but if the wind picks up it can get choppy like any lake. Boat selection is up to you, sit-in or sit-on-top will all be suitable, just make sure you feel stable to race. The lake is filled with water straight from the mountains so a swim will be very refreshing. At some points the course is close to the bank, but other sections it's a good 100 metres, these are the points where the safety boats will hang out to assist if necessary.

You must wear a PFD, just like if you forget your bike helmet you have to beg everyone until you find one or not compete. Again consider bringing different tops like quick dry or thermals to decide on the day. We recommend a scoop paddle given it's flat water.

If you need to hire a kayak, paddle or PFD you can do so from Vigor Kayaking or Peak Adventure.

Cycle Leg

Being a rural road you should always be looking for bumps or pot holes, after the 2010 floods the roads suffered, hopefully they're freshly sealed for us now. The course is safe with no dangerous corners or decents, however the roads are open to normal traffic and you must always ride as close to the left as possible. If you intend to over take a competitor, please do a head check, it can be particularly dangerous on the winding road on the hill climb.

Any bike is fine, but do yourself a favour and use a recently serviced road bike, the rides tough enough as it is. You must wear a helmet, please don't forget it!

Bring warm clothes and even a rain jacket just in case, remeber you finish the ride at about 800 meters above sea level so you may need clothes at the finish.

Remeber this event is designed to be a 'fun' challenge, if you have the right gear you'll make your day a lot easier. If a fellow competitor is in trouble, please help them out just like you would if you weren't racing, as soon as a non-competitor is there to assist you can continue on your way to glory at the finish line!


4WD Access only on the run leg

BoatSafety boats will be on the lake


Emma suggests you bring a chair for the finish line