Welcome to the King Valley Challenge

Saturday 27th October 2018


Event Summary


The King Valley Challenge involves a 15km run, 12km Kayak, 39km Cycle and 3.6km run to finish. There is also a 3 and 6km run/walk that starts at the same time, this is perfect for those not ready for the full 15km run and it's a major fundraiser for the King Valley Kitchen Garden Program.

We start the event at 10:30am at Lake William Hovell, this will give time to travel from Melbourne or enjoy a leisurely start to the day. The run starts near the boat ramp and follows the rugged 4WD track alongside the lake and then the King River into the Alpine National Park, returning via the same route. You then paddle three laps of the lake, surrounded by the mountains with only your fellow kayakers on the lake. The ride takes you along the King River down from the lake, you turn left at Cheshunt, left at Whitfield and then climb up towards Powers Lookout. To finish you have a short run on the gravel track for a magical view of the mighty King Valley and the spoils of conquering the Valley.

The Presentations will follow at the Whitfield Mountain View Hotel at 5pm. Stay on for a meal or go find a quiet place to rest your weary body. To find a place to stay locally, see our accommodation page.

The Sunday following the KVC you can explore the many wineries and fine foods of the region or continue to explore by walking, running, paddling or riding, if you have the energy...

Training for the King Valley Challenge should involve regular sessions in the discipline you intend to compete in, if you intend to race solo, I guess that means you'll be busy! The King Valley Challenge is designed to be an entry level Multi-Sport challenge, it is achieveable with regular training. If you are in Melbourne we suggest you get involved with Vigor Fitness and the regular training offered to its members. If you are not Melbourne based get involved with your local club or contact the Race Director for assistance with your training program.

Lake Lake William Hovell, a majestic spot in the Vic Alps

The first creek crossing
kvc finish
Start to finish there's some spectacular scenery, enjoy the valley views after your race